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About Me…

Body Revival Lounge was created out of my love of how the body works and can heal with holistic practices.  My appreciation for these practices began in 1996, as I became an Aveda day/spa graduate.  I practiced massage therapy for 23 years, helping treat muscle injuries, back injuries, auto accident victims, and quadriplegic clients by maintaining regular muscle flexibility.  I also worked with expectant mothers and diabetic clients to help bring back their circulation.

I have a background in body building from the time I was 16 years old.  I studied organic eating and holistic healing at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.  Knowing how the muscles and body work and could affect you, will help guide you down the correct road for healing.  I took cryotherapy lessons from the man responsible for bringing cryotherapy to the USA.  I’ve spent four years learning how nitrogen cold therapy (whole body cryotherapy as well as localized) can heal many issues in the body.  It can alleviate pain and inflammation, decrease fat cells, tighten skin, help with sleep, increase energy, all while correcting many bodily systems.

I can use my massage background to help heal your areas of pain. Then additional healing is done through localized cryotherapy such as in the ankles, knees, neck, etc.  My background in holistic healing assists me in knowing which kind of circuit would work best for your road to better health. My heart is in helping people, and I’m driven by your body’s success at healing itself with the treatment Body Revival Lounge has to offer.

Hours | Mon – Wed 10am to 6pm | Thur 10am-5pm | Fri – Sat 10am-4pm | Sun Closed


Cryo Fat Freezing – $125 + (charged by time and area. Pricing reflects mid section)

Localized Cryotherapy– $25
(8 min. session) service is great for shoulder, knee, ankle, headache pain. Plantar fasciitis, migraines, jaw , hip pain and so much more.

Cryo Facial – $25
(8 min. session) A cryofacial is -130° on the face,neck and décolleté. At this temperature pushing the blood away from the skin in these areas promotes a rush of collagen when the blood returns. This push of collagen creates tighter skin, evens out skin tones, brightens skin, shrinks pores, freezes fat in the neck and face.

Rose Hip Fascia
Blasting Facial
– $25
(8 mins) This Is a great addition to a cryofacial. We do this prior to a cryo facial this loosens up the skin, muscle and fascia to keep gravity from pulling and sagging the skin.

Chair Massage – $21
(15 mins) Spot treatment available.

Compression Boots – $25
(30 mins) help detox the feet,calves and legs by pushing water retention back in the flow for your body to be released. This service is a compression massage for your legs, decreasing cellulite and healing muscle soreness.